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Get Wick’d

Get Wick’d Candle Fragrance

Get Wick’d Candle Fragrance

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Get Wick’d candle sand presents an opportunity for customisation not found in traditional wax candles. We have left our sand wax fragrance free however if you’d prefer you can infuse it with your favourite candle fragrance or essential oil.  Use a container or vase that you love that is heat resistant and light up a room - made just for you.

All you need to do to create your own candles is pour in the candle sand, add a wick and drop 3 drops of you fragrance 1cm away from the wick and light it up.

Choose from:

A French Affair - French Pear

Sweet Dreams - Salted Caramel

Bushranger - Australian Bush

Santal - Santal 33 Type

Wanderlust - Coconut & Lime

Madame - Mademoiselle Type

Rouge - Baccarat Rouge Type

The Beach - Driftwood & Sea Salt

We only use premium natural sand wax and help save the environment by reusing the vase or bowl over and over again, no waste.

Each bottle contains 50ml of premium candle fragrance and is made in Australia.

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