Our Story

Welcome to 'Don't Tell My Husband' 

...a name born from the playful banter within my family, evolving from a cheeky saying whenever I'd sneak another horse into the paddock. Eventually, this playful phrase became the heartbeat of a burgeoning business.
At 'Don't Tell My Husband,' we cherish the art of discovery. Our passion lies in scouring both nearby and distant corners to curate pieces that resonate, pieces designed to be cherished for a lifetime. The phrase itself evokes a smile, reflecting the joy we aim to bring through our brand.

Our Affection for Slow and Sustainable Fashion

Embracing slow fashion is at the core of what we do. We adore the intricate dance between style and purpose, seeking out pieces that not only exude elegance but also serve a practical function. Our devotion to detail stems from our belief that true beauty lies in the nuances.

A Heartfelt Collaboration

We're privileged to partner with a remarkable family-run business in Bali, sharing our zeal for empowering women through fashion. Together, we craft each garment with dedication and passion, ensuring every piece embodies comfort, beauty, and ethical craftsmanship.

Timeless Design. Enduring Style.

At 'Don't Tell My Husband,' it's more than just clothing – it's a celebration of women, their individual style, and the empowerment that arises from feeling confident and comfortable. Our dedication to slow and sustainable fashion reflects our commitment to fostering a more conscious and inclusive industry.

Meet the Owner: Meredith Tillett

I'm Meredith Tillett, the heart behind 'Don't Tell My Husband.' My passion for fashion, combined with a commitment to sustainability, drives our mission to redefine style with a conscience. I invite you to join our journey toward a more beautiful, mindful world of fashion.

Welcome to our realm of style, purpose, and timeless elegance.

Warm regards, Meredith Tillett, Owner, 'Don't Tell My Husband'