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Get Wick’d

Get Wick’d Candle Sand

Get Wick’d Candle Sand

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Get Wick’d candle sand is a great alternative to regular candles - A modern candle your way.

Transform any space into a cosy haven with our Candle Sand! 500g comes with 20 wicks, 1 kilo with 40 wicks and 3 kilos with 120 wicks.  This innovative product empowers you to create safe, unscented candles in a variety of containers—be it glass, ceramic, or any other vessel you love. It's effortless and eco-conscious, offering a simple yet impactful way to enhance your surroundings.

It's a seamless and environmentally mindful approach to creating a welcoming atmosphere wherever you desire, our candle sand can be customised in ways that traditional wax candles cannot. 

Get Wick’d candle sand presents an opportunity for customisation not found in traditional wax candles. We have left our sand wax fragrance free so if you’d prefer you can infuse it with your favourite candle fragrance or essential oil.  Use a container or vase that you love that is heat resistant and light up a room - made just for you.

All you need to do to create your own candles is pour in the wax sand, add a wick and light it up.


Reignite your candle's magic by removing the used wick, smooth over the surface, and insert a fresh wick.  If you decide on a different vase or bowl, once the wick is removed poor the remaining sand wax in to the new vessel for a different look, insert the wick and light.


We only use premium natural sand wax and help save the environment by reusing the vase or bowl over and over again, no waste and no more half candles that wont burn properly.

500g of sand wax comes with 20 wax coated cotton wicks.

1 kilo of sand wax comes with 40 wax coated cotton wicks.

3 kilos of sand wax comes with 120 wax coated cotton wicks.

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